They Might Be Giants

One of the Best Bands in the World. Unfortunately a lot less well known than they should be this side of the Atlantic. Coming soon you can check out MP3's, photos from the UK 'tour' dates in January '99, and links to other cool TMBG sites. Traders will also find my owned/wish list...

They Might Be in the UK - track listings of the Jan '99 UK radio appearences 2CD set that I've put together.

Irving Plaza - track listings of the 97 Irving Plaza Bootleg.

Dr Spock's Backup Band - the infamous bootleg of a Chicago gig..

Live!! New York City - LiNY, needs no introduction...

Live State Songs / Mono Puff on NPR - John Linnell's State Songs recital, followed by Mono Puff on the radio.

Live at Norddeutsher Rundfunk - '92 German Radio performance - all live, no backing tapes!!!.

El Rey... Bumpershoot... listing to be added....

Rich's Giant Museum can also be found here - a more complete TMBG collection than mine (though I did give him some of the rarer finds)

Check Out the New TMP3 Collection - not the most complete MP3 collection around, but look out for the soon-to-be-added UK radio shows...

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